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Now I Feel Like a Fool for Wearing Rain Boots - title of my would be memoir

appropriately celebrated “national ice cream day” today at williamsburg flea. 🍦🍦#nomnom (at Brooklyn Flea At The Williamsburg Savings Bank)

👯 (at The Nolitan Hotel)

about that jump life. #bestviews #trampolines #skyline #superfit (at The Nolitan Hotel)

i LOVE a food hall. in the downpour yesterday evening (note: my shoes may be forever wet) i made the trek to gotham west market on 11th Ave (!!) and boy was it worth it. this food haven has EVERYTHING this new york girl could ask for. my cousin and i started with a tapas from El Colmado and i literally licked my plate clean. cute. it was then time for the main event: Ivan Slurp Shop and man oh man, was i excited. the second the broth hit my mouth - i knew i never wanted my meal to end. the Tokyo Shoyu Ramen (obv ordered fully loaded) was just delightful. perfect combination of flavors:

soy sauce, dashi + chicken broth, pork belly chashu, rye noodle, egg, xtra chashu (pork belly), roast tomato

we had to explore and see the other options offered – i could make a day of just eating my way around this upscale foodcourt:

  • blue bottle coffee
  • brooklyn kitchen
  • the cannibal
  • el Colmado
  • genuine roadside
  • court street grocers sandwich shop
  • ivan slurp shop
  • choza taqueria
  • jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (my namesake – had to have a sample)

typing this is not helping my hunger pains. take me back now.

kayaking! (at Narrow River Kayaks)

beautiful morning in narraganset with @eveweiner! ☀️👯👙#happyplace #wanttostayforever

#tbt models

Will I finally find the Ross to my Rachel? My favorite museum in New York is hosting its inaugural “Night at the Museum for Grown-Ups.” If couples don’t wake up the next morning cuddling in display cases, clearly the event wasn’t successful. For only 1/6 of my monthly rent you too can have it all for one night only:

  • Start the evening of my dreams with a champagne reception and music
  • A three-course dinner
  • Flashlight tour
  • Special presentation in The Power of Poison exhibition with Curator Mark Siddall
  • Midnight showing of the Dark Universe Space Show, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  • A live animal demonstration in the Kaufmann Theater
  • Sleeping under the big blue whale!
  • Breakfast snack  and tea in the AM


probably the best tweet of all time. who knew the CIA had such a sense of humor.

2009 Jenni would be taking this much harder. #CrumbsHasCrumbled #RIPcrumbs